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Open Call to STRYGA

STRYGA is a printed zine about Black Metal, Art & extreme music culture.

Written in english by a horde of hags from all over the world (published by one of them in Lyon, France)

DEADLINE : May, 31th of 2023

Send your work to : feminihil@hotmail(dot)com



Black Metal (No NSBM) / Blackenend punk / blackened Grindcore / Doom / Sludge / Death Metal / & experimental extreme music (violent noise, power electronics).

You can also ask : Booker, producer, tech, radio or label owner personal view of their work, of the scene …

Stryga prioritize projects including POC, women (trans/cis) & non-binary musicians, because we don’t find in other music zines the real diversity of people bringing the underground alive :

There are already plenty of Metal zines talking about white cis men projetcs only, without aknowledging it (so if you think our selection is unfair, the majority of zines selection should also be). Nevertheless, the main criterion is still the music quality or originality regarding the subgenres we chose to promote … and that is subjective as f**k.

FORMAT : Text in open document format (.odt or .word). No more than 2500 words.

Before interviewing a project for Styga, you can ask us to be sure we will publish it [Some cool bands we’d love to promote : Trespasser, Iskra, Nachtlieder, Turia, Illmara, Coltsblood, Völva, Ragana, Taurus, Body Void, Toul en Ihuern, Fayenne, Bismuth, Tridroid Recs … and a lot more !]


Text about Mythology, Folklore, Sociology, Art history, Geology, Botany, Cinema, Literature, Witchcraft, Dissent … if you can link the subject to Metal culture, its philosophical inspiration, its dark imagery.

FORMAT : Text in open document format (.odt or .word). No more than 2500 words.


Drawings, photos, engraving in a Black Metal esthetic. We encourage dark art with a high black and white contrast, medieval engraving style, cathartic bestial illustrations, pictures with occult and witchcraft references …

FORMAT : Only black and white pictures in 300 DPI or more (in .JPEG or .TIFF) vertical A5 format (or horizontal A4).



No sexism / No Fascism / No racism / No homophobia / No transphobia.

Our underground scenes are parasitized by mainstream conservative standards : don’t let them spread.

Contact us if you’re not sure your project fits in the guidelines ! feminihil[at]hotmail[dot]com

STRYGA is a non-profit publishing : the sales contribute to the printing costs and the rest goes in support to activist organizations for human right (our first issue supported the NGO Abortion without Borders). We offer a copy of Stryga to each selected contributor we publish.

DEADLINE : May, 31th of 2023

Send your work to : feminihil@hotmail(dot)com

We’re DIY as fuck but we have sold our soul to INSTAGRAM (and Hecate, of course)