appel - open call

Open Call to STRYGA – underground black metal fanzine

STRYGA is a fanzine about black metal :Music, Art and Cultural references.

Crafted by a horde of antepatriarchist hags from all over the world

Written in english – Printing and layout made in France by the editor.

DEADLINE : July, 30th of 2022

Send your work to :

What can you submit ?

  • Band interviews
  • Album reviews
  • cultural articles : Ethnobotany, Sociology, Art history, Cinema, Literature, Mythology, Folklore, Occultism, Feminism …
  • creative writings
  • dark artworks (Black and white – A5 format – in 300DPI)

… and other stuffs promoting womxn and non-binary folks, because there is already plenty of zines writen by gatekeepers talking about white cismale artists only.

We offer a copy of Stryga to each contributor we publish.

We’re DIY as fuck but we have sold our soul to INSTAGRAM (and to Lilith, of course).